Welcome to the Hike it Baby Buy/Sell forum. We created this space to connect families to one another when searching for gear. This is different than Facebook or Craigslist because it is families within the Hike it Baby network supporting each other with fair gear exchange. We have put together a basic list of categories, but if you feel there are areas that we should add to this, let us know by emailing info@hikeitbaby.com

Keep in mind that in order for someone to see a listing they must be a member of Hike it Baby, so we feel this will help protect you in the transaction. If you would like further protection we recommend you use a payment gateway like PayPal if buying or selling things around the country. We also suggest you try to buy and sell locally so you get the opportunity to meet the family involved with the transaction.

Our Listing Categories:

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Frame Carriers (1)
General Gear (0)
Infant Gear (0)
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Selling a product on this forum is pretty straight forward. Price does not include shipping fees unless indicated in post.

  1. Put a title in for the item you want to sell
  2. Add a picture
  3. Write a description
  4. Mark national or local
  5. Add a price
  6. Enter your email and phone number
  7. Submit

Items posted remain live for 30 days then are dropped from the site. If you sell a product you can go in and delete the item so people stop contacting you.

The Hike it Baby Buy & Sell Forum is a platform for sellers and buyers to connect for the purpose of buying and selling hiking gear. Hike it Baby is not a party to any transaction you enter into. By using Hike it Baby you agree that you are accessing and using Hike it Baby at your own risk, and you agree to indemnify and hold Hike it Baby harmless from and damage or loss incurred in connection with your use of Hike it Baby. Your use of Hike it Baby is “AS IS, WHERE IS,” and Hike It Baby assumes no responsibility or liability in connection with transactions you enter into through the Hike it Baby website. The items bought and sold on Hike it Baby are not associated or provided by Hike it Baby. Hike it Baby makes no promise regarding the accuracy, reliability or completeness of any statements product descriptions, or other posts on Hike it Baby. Hike it Baby makes no promise regarding the security or propriety of any transaction you enter into through the Hike it Baby website. Hike it Baby, its officers, directors, and employees, DISCLAIM ALL WARRANTIES & CONDITIONS EXPRESS OR IMPLIED, INCLUDING WITHOUT LIMITATION, WARRANTIES OF MERCHANTABILITY OR FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE